You don’t need me

… to get a rough sense of a text.

You need me when you want to captivate, entertain or engage.

When you want to sell.

I have the peace of mind knowing that the translation is 100% accurate. Barbora’s services are professional and consistent – the language is industry-specific and coherent across our projects.

Ivana Blumentrittová, Hero & Outlaw

Need to impress?


You want to make a good impression.

Maybe it’s your first time addressing a Czech audience.

You want to come across as friendly, professional and respectful of the local culture.


A specific goal in mind?


You have a great product and want to sell it.

You need to earn someone’s trust.

You need 100% factual accuracy without compromising on readability.

Text types




corporate magazines


press releases


print marketing materials


websites and social media

How much will it cost?

Get in touch for a quote.


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