Conference interpreter

I am a certified conference interpreter for Czech, English and French. My work spans from conferences, live TV broadcasts and bilateral meetings to cultural events and seminars.

If you need interpreting, send me an e-mail with information about your event and who the interpreting is for. Together we will choose the best form of interpreting. I can put together a team of interpreters for larger events and order interpreting equipment.

Event host

Are you looking for an event host for your conference or a business event? Do you need a professional bilingual performance in English and Czech? Use my services. I will make sure your audience feels comfortable and relaxed. I will let your guest speakers shine and prop up your company’s good name.

Contact me, we will meet and discuss everything – for example in Opero, where I work.


Do you need copywriting, ghostwriting or some other writing? A text for your website or social profiles, an article for your company magazine, a conference presentation or a speech for a social event? I will ensure your thoughts are well received by the Czech audience.

Contact me, we will meet and discuss everything – for example in Opero, where I work.

Can I just call you right away?

Of course. My phone number is +420 727 848 258. If I do not pick up, please send me a text message – I will respond as soon as I have a moment. You can also send me an email at barbora@tite.cz.


I had set out for my first language lesson before I knew how to read or write. I wore pig tails, sat on the ground with other children and shouted “gelb” when the teacher showed us a yellow piece of paper. Many years later, I graduated from Charles University with a major in Intercultural Communication and a specialized degree in Interpreting. Intercultural communication proved useful in my personal life as well – six years in a bilingual household gave me a deep insight into the differences between the Anglo-Saxon and Czech way of viewing the world. At work, I use this skill every day. My areas of interest are digital marketing and new technologies; I have obtained the Google Digital Garage certificate. I continually develop my skills. Today I wear a pony tail and you can hear my voice on Czech Television, at TEDx Prague conferences or at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.



Notes on business Czech and English.

Ne, nejde o poskytování jistých služeb ideamakerem v domácím prostředí.



Říkat při prezentaci půlku vět anglicky není cool, if you know what I mean.


+420 727 848 258

If I do not pick up my phone, please send me a text message – I will respond as soon as I have a moment.

If you prefer online communication, feel free to write to me on Whatsapp (+420 727 848 258) or Facebook Messenger (Barbora Tite).

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Barbora Tite – conference interpreter, event host, writer