Conference interpreter

I am a certified conference interpreter for Czech, English and French.

If you need interpreting, send me an e-mail with information about your event and who the interpreting is for. Together we will choose the best form of interpreting. I can put together a team of interpreters for larger events and order interpreting equipment.

Indicative price list

interpretation price
90 minutes EUR 150
up to 4 hours EUR 200
5–8 hours EUR 400

When interpreting outside Prague or Pilsen, the minimum fee is EUR 200 + travel and accommodation.

Event host

Are you looking for an event host for your conference or a business event? Do you need a professional bilingual performance in English and Czech? Use my services. I will make sure your audience feels comfortable and relaxed. I will let your guest speakers shine and prop up your company’s good name.

Contact me, we will meet and discuss everything – for example in Opero, where I work.


Do you need copywriting, ghostwriting or some other writing? A text for your website or social profiles, an article for your company magazine, a conference presentation or a speech for a social event? I will ensure your thoughts are well received by the Czech audience.

Contact me, we will meet and discuss everything – for example in Opero, where I work.

Indicative price list

text per hour
in Czech EUR 40
in English (includes proofreading by a native speaker) EUR 55

Can I just call you right away?

Of course. My phone number is +420 727 848 258. If I do not pick up, please send me a text message – I will respond as soon as I have a moment. You can also send me an email at barbora@tite.cz.


I had set out for my first language lesson before I knew how to read or write. I wore pig tails, sat on the ground with other children and shouted “gelb” when the teacher showed us a yellow piece of paper. Many years later, I graduated from Charles University with a major in Intercultural Communication and earned a conference interpreter certificate for Czech, English and French. Intercultural communication proved useful in my personal life as well. Six years in a bilingual household gave me a deep insight into the differences between the Anglo-Saxon and Czech way of viewing the world. At work, I use this skill every day, both when writing texts and talking into a microphone. Today I wear a pony tail and you can hear my voice on Czech Television, on Czech Radio or at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.



Notes on business Czech and English.

Ne, nejde o poskytování jistých služeb ideamakerem v domácím prostředí.



Říkat při prezentaci půlku vět anglicky není cool, if you know what I mean.

Druhý díl konferenčního balíčku se zaměřuje na angličtinu.


+420 727 848 258

If I do not pick up my phone, please send me a text message – I will respond as soon as I have a moment.

If you prefer online communication, feel free to write to me on Whatsapp (+420 727 848 258) or Facebook Messenger (Barbora Tite).

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Barbora Tite – conference interpreter, event host, writer